​About Me

I am a professional clothing and costume designer, and I have my own clothing design studio that offers unique, handmade clothing and costume pieces with a historical feel.  In my more than 30 years of experience as a seamstress and costume designer I have developed a unique set of skills that I would like to share with others. I am extremely innovative and think outside the box, inspiring creativity in others. I am passionate about creating and teaching, and look forward to sharing skills and ideas and creating community at my studio.

​About the Classes

All classes are held at my  Store and Studio located in the Gold Country Mall in historic downtown Auburn, California.  I will hold classes and workshops in sewing, clothing and costume design, alterations, and more. Classes are for all skill levels, and I will provide all needed equipment and supplies, unless otherwise noted.  Participants will leave with primarily new skills, and products that they have created themselves. Check the schedule below for more detail on classes and to sign up online, or stop by to see me at the store! Come join us and get inspired!

If you are interested in individual instruction, please contact me! I do 1:1 sewing lessons as well.

Store and Workshop Location:

Gold Country Mall

884 Lincoln Way, Suite 24

Auburn, CA 95603

Class Descriptions and Schedule

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Sip-and-Sew! - Occurs the First Friday of each Month, 6-8pm (starting 9-3-21)

What is Sip and Sew?

A fun, creative activity for anyone interested in sewing, and socializing! Perfect for a girls’ night out or friends activity. All events will be located at my new boutique and shop in beautiful downtown Auburn. We’ll get together and enjoy some time getting to know each other, grabbing a beverage, and then getting to work on our projects. You will have access to all my studio equipment, including my on-site sewing machines. I’ll provide a brief overview of the projects and instructions to get started. There will be two projects to choose from – either a drawstring wine bottle bag, or a 16” pillow cover with trim. I’ll provide all the necessary supplies and equipment, as well as all the beverages. Participants can bring an appetizer to share, if they would like.


Beginner Project: Drawstring Wine Bag
Advanced Project: Pillow Cover with Trim

What’s Included:  2 hours of sewing and project-based instruction, beverages (wine, beer, soft drinks, water), all necessary materials and equipment.

Participants May Bring:  Their own sewing machine if they like, however I will have machines available at the studio; any favorite fabric you’d like to use (I will provide fabric, if you choose not to bring any); and an appetizer to share if you like.

2-hour Workshop, limited to 4 participants

Cost: $75 per person, includes all materials and equipment

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Open Bi-Weekly Sewing Skills Workshop - Occurs every other Wednesday Evenings, 5-8pm (starting 8-11-21)

We will have regularly-scheduled sewing and design workshops in my boutique and shop in beautiful downtown Auburn, where people can work on projects overtime and get to know each other in a casual environment. You will have access to all my studio equipment, including on-site sewing machines (if you don’t have your own to bring). There will be a nominal fee per meeting for the use of the studio and supplies.  I will offer instruction during the first 20-30 minutes of each workshop in a new skill, and then we can get working on projects. This workshop would be for all skill levels, from beginning to advanced. We might also have field trips to the fabric store, museums, etc. to get inspiration and learn additional skills.

Participants will leave with primarily new skills, and products that they have created themselves. In addition this sort of activity fosters friendships and a unique "quilting circle" kind of comradery. Come join us and get inspired!

3-hour Workshop, limited to 4 participants

Cost: $35 per person, per session

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Corset-Making Workshop - Occurs third Sunday of each month, 10am-1pm (beginning 8-15-21)

In this workshop we’ll explore skills and techniques needed for clothing construction and costume design. This class assumes you have some sewing experience and are familiar with using a sewing machine. Our project for this workshop will be to make an unboned corset. I have patterns for a range of sizes - from 4 to 16. All supplies to make the corset (fabrics, thread, lining, lace, buttons, and embellishments) will be provided!

I’ll spend the first 15 minutes or so giving a brief introduction of our project and we’ll have time to chat and get to know each other, and have some refreshments. Then you can choose your fabric from my stock, or use the fabric you brought, and we’ll get going on our project! I’ll give step-by-step instructions along the way and provide valuable tips as you’re putting your corset together. You'll also get to choose your buttons, ribbon and embellishments to finish off your piece. When we’re done, if there is time, we can do a photo shoot of your finished product in my Victorian living room!

Supplies: I will have 3 or 4 sewing machines available, or you are welcome to bring your own from home. Please inform me if you need a machine when you sign up for the workshop. Also, if you have a favorite fabric that you’d like to work with, please feel free to bring it as well, heavier-weight fabrics work best. I will provide all the other needed supplies and equipment.

3-hour Workshop, limited to 4 participants

Cost: $89 per person, includes all materials and equipment

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